Mastering the tools – Moodle, Zoom, Mediaserver & Co tutorials


Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS) used for the creation, management and monitoring of online courses. Its purpose is to provide support for online teaching and learning.

Moodle is today the only teaching platform offered by UNIGE. Moodle was chosen for its flexibility, the great diversity and customization of its tools and its compatibility with a socio-constructivist pedagogy. In general, four hours are enough to understand the basics and to create an online space to accompany your teaching.


Moodle tutorial - Creating a new course

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By creating a class space on Moodle, you can communicate with your students, put resources at their disposal, organize activities or even supervise group work.

PowerPoint tutorial: Creating a new course

Moodle tutorial - Enable students to access the course

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Prefer the self-registration of students, so that they can understand their learning environment.

PowerPoint tutorial: How to enable students to access your Moodle course page and its contents

Moodle tutorial - Organise your course with topics

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Structurer un cours sur Moodle permet une meilleure orientation dans l’environnement d’apprentissage pour les étudiant-e-s, tout en facilitant la communication entre enseignant-e-s et étudiant-e-s pour progresser dans le cours.

PowerPoint tutorial: Organise your course with sections

Moodle tutorial - Communicate with your students using the tool Forum

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Your Moodle course space has an announcement channel which allows you to contact by email all those registered in the course (students but also assistants and instructors).

PowerPoint tutorial: Communicate with your students using the tool Forum

Moodle tutorial - Enabling students to submit work through the Activity "Assignment"

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The "Assignment" activity allows you to supervise the work to be done by students. It allows for work to be collected and to establish the submission date. It is also possible to grade the work and give the grade and feedback individually to students.

PowerPoint tutorial: Enabling students to submit work through the Activity "Assignment"

See also: PowerPoint tutorial: How to enable students to review their assessed assignment

Moodle tutorial - Viewing and retrieving the submitted work

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Moodle tutorial - Assessing a student’s work in Moodle

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Moodle tutorial - Using the “Quiz" activity to create a quiz

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Quizzes can be used for student assessment or self-assessment. They can allow the instructor to test students’ understanding of the course throughout the semester or allow students to test their knowledge interactively by obtaining immediate feedback.

The activity contains a range of question types, including multiple-choice questions, true-false, gap texts, open questions, calculated questions, and drag and drop onto images or text.

PowerPoint tutorial: Using the “Quiz" activity to create a quiz

See also: PowerPoint tutorial: How to allow consultation, by the students, of the evaluated test

Creating groups on Moodle allows you to restrict access to certain resources, activities or section of the course, to a group of students. The Group mode allows you to contact each group via the announcement channel, or to collect and evaluate group work effectively.

Moodle Exam tutorial - Create, Set up, Open and Close an Exam in Moodle

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PowerPoint tutorial: Create/set up, open and close an exam on Moodle

Moodle Exam tutorial - Using the Moodle Assignment Activity for a Written Exam

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