Former collaborators

Microbial Ecology

Dr Patrick Venail
Former collaborator - Senior Research and Teaching Assistant

Former staff at the Department F.-A. Forel for environmental
and aquatic sciences

Senior Research and Teaching Assistant, my research focuses on understanding the diversity of life (biodiversity). My interests are at the interface between microbiology, ecology and evolution. Working with microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, microscopic algae) allows me exploring both ecological and evolutionary processes simultaneously. I have two major research axes. First, to explore the fundaments of the diversification process and how the emerging diversity organizes into communities. Second, to evaluate and understand how changes in biological diversity influence the functioning of ecological systems and the provisioning of ecosystem functions and services. To explore those topics, I have worked with a variety of organisms, both prokaryotic and eukaryotic, from terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems. I have mostly worked under controlled laboratory conditions but currently I am also progressively incorporating field work studies. Currently I am focused in freshwater provisioning as an ecosystem service and to understand the link between phytoplankton diversity and water quality. So far, I have published 20 peer reviewed publications and two book chapters. In 2011, I was awarded as the best young ecologist by the French Ecological Society. Previous positions I held included Postdoc fellow at the University of Michigan (USA) and Visiting Professor at the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). I have mentored 3 undergraduates, 6 masters and I am currently mentoring two Ph.D. students. I have over six years of teaching experience at both undergraduate and graduate levels.