Philippe Arpagaus

Mr Philippe Arpagaus

Technician - Pilot of boat

4-458C/SC2, Sciences II
+41 22 379 03 03

Married, 3 children


1975 - 1978 Training of laborant in chemistry at FIRMENICH S.A.
1998 Training of expert in protection against radiation at the Institute of applied radiological physics (IRA).


1978 Federal certificate of capacity of laborant in chemistry
1998 Federal certificate of expert in protection against radiation


Since 1990

Institute F.-A. FOREL, University of Geneva

At the laboratory of the Institute

- Person in charge of the protection against radiation.
- Person in charge of the chemistry laboratory of the nutrients.
- Proportioning of phosphorus, carbon and carbonates in water and in the sediments.
- Analysis of water by photometry, Spectroquant method (more than 50 measurable parameters).
- Person in charge of “TOC 5000 has Shimadzu” (proportioning TC, TOC, DOC. and IC)
- Practical works of 3rd years (measurements of phosphorus, calcimetry…) Preparation of the samples (sifting, drying, crushing, freeze-drying). .
- Person in charge stock chemicals, gas…, recycling and waste.
- Person in charge for boats and vehicles.

On the field

- Sampling campaign on the rivers and the lakes..
- Taking away of water (pump or bottle), of MES by centifugation in continuous flow, of sediments of funds (bucket or coring)..
- Use of a probe multiparameters recording in situ the physicochemical parameters of the lakes.
- Piloting of boat with positioning GPS (3D campaigns seismic, bathymetric acquisition campaign)

1982 - 1990 ADLAM S.A.
Seek in the field of the development, safety glasses of a polymerizable adhesive with the U.V., participation in the development and the construction of industrial prototypes allowing joining under U.V of glasses and plastic film.
1980 - 1981 VIFOR S.A.
Industrial preparation of aqueous solutions perfusables
1978 - 1979 FIRMENICH S.A.
Research task in organic synthesis on various food flavourings