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Self-managing company: myth or reality? With the exceptional participation of Jos de Blok

What is a self-managing company? The Buurtzorg model presented by its famous founder, Jos de Blok

The objective of this webinar is to present and demonstrate through concrete examples that this new paradigm is applicable, viable and a win for both employees and companies.

Participants will discuss the constraints and difficulties that companies may face. It will also be a time to meet and exchange experiences.


In a few words, a self-managing company brings human being back at the center of the functioning and the purpose of a company. The structure is flat and the collaborators manage themselves.

A feeling of trust, the recognition of both the skills and the desire for commitment of the employees are the essential ingredients of a self-managed company.

Just like our democratic system, there are strict rules to observe. These rules, defined collectively, guarantee the freedom of each individual and the sustainability of the company.

We call this system: Holacratic

Guest speaker

Jos de Blok


Nicolas Chevrey, Nomad
Stéphanie Camps, Nicomatic
Michel Perrin, Uditis
Professeur Antoine Geissbuhler, HUG 


Full event

Live stream available from 6:30pm on our Youtube channel


This event is organized by the Alumni Committee of the Executive MBA of the University of Geneva jointly with the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM).

December 10, 2020
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