Bachelor in Economics and Management

The Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management gives our students a solid grounding in the two complementary fields. There is a strong focus on acquiring the quantitative skills needed for developing analytical skills, critical thinking and the ability to understand and responsibly solve the complex problems of tomorrow. Our graduates go on to do Master’s degrees at the GSEM and other prestigious universities internationally. It gives students the means to stand out on the job market.

A bilingual program

Every first-year class is offered in both French and English. In the second and third years, classes are taught in one language or the other. This allows all our students to develop the professional language skills that are essential on the job market – especially in an international environment like Geneva. For students who are interested, the University of Geneva’s Maison des Langues offers English classes, and French support classes for non-native speakers.

Regardless of the teaching language of the class, students can reply to exam questions in their choice of either English or French.

Quality, innovative teaching

Teaching combines lectures and practical work with classes and projects for putting the theory from exercises and case studies into practice. One of the things that sets our Bachelor’s apart is the use of stimulating innovations in teaching: we use simulation games, give classes focusing on sustainable development, offer students the opportunity to take part in an institutional project, give classes on responsible project management, as well as web-learning and seminars on developing interpersonal skills, and invite CEOs and managers of Geneva-based companies to give talks.

The week before the start of term, we offer a preparatory Math class to ensure that our students start the Bachelor’s program in the best possible conditions.


career opportunities

Surveys on our students’ entry into the world of work show that over half of our young graduates find their first job before they have even finished their studies, or within a month of graduating. On completing their studies, our students go into all fields, both in Switzerland and abroad. In Geneva, the makeup of the local economy means that most opportunities are in banking and finance, international organizations, consulting firms, international companies and the public sector.



The first part of the Bachelor’s program is made up of core courses in Economics, Management, Finance and Accounting, Statistics, Law and Information Science (60 credits).

The second part of the Bachelor’s program is made up of 30 credits of complementary core courses, the choice between focusing on Economics or on Management, and a free choice of classes in Economics/Econometrics, Management, Statistics and Mathematics, Finance, Information Systems or classes in other faculties. It is also possible to spend one or two semesters on exchange at another university during the second part of your Bachelor’s course.

Program structure


Program content

Please check the Study Plan.

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