The Respect Unit (or Violence Prevention Unit)

The Respect Unit (or Violence Prevention Unit) is responsible, in the face of threats directed against individuals, for implementing measures to reduce the risk and providing all necessary support to victims and those threatened. The main objective of the system is to provide a coordinated organization to prevent targeted and predictable violent acts on university sites and residences. The secondary objective is to identify any person whose behavior reveals a risk to themselves or others and to offer help by directing them to specialized services. The Respect Unit also assists in situations where a complaint has to be filed with the police.

The Violence Prevention Unit is a multidisciplinary team entrusted by the University with handling cases of threats. The concept of confidentiality will be discussed with the individuals involved, particularly with the victim, as it cannot be guaranteed in case of force majeure.

The unit is available to students, employees, or anyone connected with the university community.

It addresses situations of verbal and/or physical violence and threats to the physical integrity of members of the university community and/or which could pose a threat to themselves or others, within the professional, academic, or university life context.

The costs are covered by the University.

Contact: respect(at)