In Numbers

In 2023, the Human Resources Division handled 126 cases of conflict, personal attacks, or moral or sexual harassment, representing a 57% increase compared to 2022. Among these situations, there were 61 new cases, and 50 cases were closed by the end of 2023. Additionally, 19 cases were taken over by the Legal Affairs Unit, leading to 5 legal proceedings, 6 external investigations, and 6 sanctions. Furthermore, 23 employment contracts were terminated or not renewed.

As part of its listening and support missions in 2023, the Equality & Diversity Service assisted 25 female employees and students who were targets of sexism, sexual and moral harassment, racism, and/or mobbing due to pregnancy (among these 25 individuals: 13 members of the academic staff; 3 members of the administrative and technical staff; 9 members of the student population).

For the Respect Unit (Violence Prevention Unit), out of the 32 critical situations managed in 2023, 10 involved and/or impacted employees (approximately 30 people in total).


In 2022, 80 conflict or personal infringement situations were managed by the Human Resources Division, including 18 new cases. Among these situations, 39 files were closed by the end of 2022, 24 files were taken over by the litigation unit, resulting in nine legal proceedings, three external investigations, and three sanctions. Additionally, 22 employment contracts were terminated or not renewed.

The STEPS Service, through its Violence Prevention Unit (Respect Unit), supported 37 critical personal situations (employees, collaborators, and students), thus reducing risks.

Annual report 2022 (in French)