E-learning on harassment (PAT/PENS) (in French)

Audience: UNIGE staff.

Objective: Understand what constitutes sexual harassment or not, demonstrate how to act whether you are a victim, witness, or supervisor.


Prevention against infringement of personnality rights (in French)

Audience: Members of the Human Resources Division, HR relays, administrators, academic advisors, security personnel, and equality advisors.

Objective: Understand the concepts related to conflict and personal well-being situations, psychological and/or sexual harassment, and become aware of their own institutional role and responsibility in managing these issues.


Information session on personality rights

Audience: Students and teaching staff.

Objective: Understand the definitions and concrete examples of personal well-being infringement and the available resources.


Management basics for administrative and technical personnel (PAT)

Audience: Supervisors and members of the administrative and technical personnel (PAT).

Objective: Better manage one's responsibilities and supervise the team in a personalized manner.


Leadership & Management For Group Leaders

Audience: All directors of research groups active at UNIGE are welcome.

Objective: Develop respectful and effective management in the research and teaching environment.


Training: Welcoming and Supporting LGBTIQ Individuals in Studies and at Work

Audience: Front desk staff, HR relays, and administration personnel.

Objective: Clarify various concepts and their practical implications in the support of LGBTIQ individuals.


Atelier d’autodéfense féministe (in french)

Public: Students.

Objective: Addressing sexist and sexual violence by strengthening self-confidence and self-esteem.