Registrations for the 2023-2024 academic year are open from February 1st to March 31st, 2023.

Please take notice of the program's admission criteria listed here below.

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Program's admission criteria

Eligibility criteria
Exceptions to the eligibility criteria
Place of residence Reside in the canton of Geneva (some exceptions may apply) ; Asylum seekers and refugees (i.e. with N, F, F-refugee or B-refugee, S permits) who do not live in the canton of Geneva may participate if funded by a social welfare programme in their canton.
Residence permit Have one of the following permits: N, F, F-refugee, B-refugee or B for family reunification, S permit; or be a Swiss national who has returned from living abroad (some exceptions may apply) ; People with a familiy reunification residence (permit B, Ci, or FDFA legitimation card) other than those stated may participate as long as they are selected as part of the employability project set up by the Association of the communes of Geneva and integration and training government agencies – the BIE and the OFPC.
Minimum age To be born before June 30 2004 (some exceptions may apply) ; People born after June 30 2004 must have a certified level of French B1 minimum.
Studies Have a study plan in a program (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate or continuing education) offered by the University of Geneva, one of the HES-SO Geneva universities of applied sciences or the Graduate Institute (IHEID) and be eligible for enrolment ;  
French level Have an acquired level of French at A1 (some exceptions may apply) ; Persons holding an F or B-refugee permit obtained after 1 May 2019 are eligible from level of french A0.
Duration of stay in Switzerland Have lived in Switzerland for a maximum of 5 years, (some exceptions may apply) ; An excess of 5 years of stay may be accepted, depending on personal situations.
RDU scale Match the Unified Determining Income (RDU) scale required for the Chèque annuel de formation (CAF) ;  
Application To have submitted a complete application online and sent the necessary documents by the deadline.

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The eligibility criteria are updated regularly. Please read them carefully before registering.