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Ena Suarez

Mrs Ena Suarez

Former collaborator - Research Assistant - PhD student

I am PhD candidate as part of the SNF SINERGIA project « A flexible underwater distributed robotic system for high-resolution sensing of aquatic ecosystem » in collaboration with DISAL and APHYS scientific groups from the EPFL. I am leading the subproject c « phytoplankton coexistence and biodiversity is promoted by small scale heterogeneity ». Our main objective is to study the broad scale seasonal and fine scale spatial variation of the deep chlorophyll maximum (DCM) of Planktothrix rubescens in Lake Zurich, Switzerland. We are particularly interested on the vertical gradients in strain diversity within the Planktothrix rubescens layer in Toxins or buoyant cells for example. The effect of light extinction within the DCM will be our main environmental driver of study.

I am also involved in another project in Lake Geneva where the aim is to characterize the phytoplankton distribution in the eastern gyre of the lake. Finally, we are collaborating with the Unige - Aquatic physics group in the analysis of the Swiss Multi-lake survey samples.

Before being part of MECO-Forel, I did a bachelor in environmental engineering, a master in environmental sciences and a certificate in geomatics. My main research interests are in aquatic ecology, water quality, plankton dynamics, applied limnology.

Former collaborators