Martin Schlaepfer

Dr Martin Schlaepfer

Senior Lecturer

+41 22 379 08 01

I am trained as a conservation biologist and have conducted field work and experiments on traditional stressors of biodiversity such habitat fragmentation, edge effects, and invasive species. In the last few years, I have become interested in investigating the nature of society-nature relationship(s), and the values that portend different idealised visions. For example, what dimensions of “biodiversity” do we, as a society, wish to protect? Is there agreement within Switzerland, or globally, about how best to reconcile the protection of nature with our collective needs for natural resources? As a result, I co-founded GE-21, a network of specialists who seek to promote biodiversity and their ecosystem services for the inhabitants of the Geneva region. One of the objectives of GE-21 is to assistant the canton of Geneva in setting conservation goals and identifying practical pathways to achieve them (e.g., the project NOS-ARBRES).