University Elections

Make your voice heard !

The University ensures that the various bodies within the community - students, professors, teaching and research staff and administrative and technical personnel - have the right to representation in democratically elected bodies.

Elections allow you to make your voice heard:

  •     by voting to elect your representatives to representative bodies.
  •     by standing as candidates and sitting on participative bodies.
  •     by calling on your representatives at any time to give an opinion, pass on ideas or find solutions to a problem.

These bodies are essential to the running of the University: in 2023, for example, the Assembly has appointed a new Rector, Professor Audrey Leuba.

These bodies are participative: they are designed to enable you to contribute to the life of the University. They are bodies for dialogue, proposals and consultation, essential to the governance of the institution.

These bodies are representative: the different bodies are represented and give their opinion on behalf of the whole community; their members bring up ideas, concerns and influence decisions that concern you.