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After completing her studies in biochemistry at the University of Geneva, where she got her doctoral degree in 1990, Martine Collart began her career in the United States, at Harvard Medical School, as a post-doctoral fellow. In 1993, upon returning to Geneva, she established her own research group within the Faculty of Medicine, supported by a federal grant for emerging researchers. She was appointed Associate Professor in 2004 and Full Professor in 2011.

Deeply involved in the life of the Faculty, Martine Collart served many years as Academic Advisor and Chair of the Committee for the Promotion of Equality. She was also a member of the University of Geneva's Equality Delegation. In 2016, she became Chair of the Section of Fundamental Medicine and joined the Dean's office in 2019 as Vice-Dean. She teaches undergraduate medical students and graduate students in the life sciences.

A specialist in gene expression in eukaryotes– organisms whose cells have a nucleus – Martine Collart approaches her research topics through genetic, molecular, and biochemical methods, based on the use of a model organism, yeast. She is also the originator of the Biostock, the main store of the Faculty of Medicine, which allows researchers to instantly access the consumables and chemicals they need for their research, while controlling costs through mutualization.

Martine Collart has ben appointed vice-Rector as of 1 April 2024.

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