Provided services

COMPUTING Operational support

We assist you in each step required to take full advantage of the University computing infrastructure:

  • Adapt your software to HPC infrastructure (Baobab and Yggdrasil)
  • Design and implement data processing workflow
  • Provide advice and consulting

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Scientific SOFTWARE development

We develop new scientific software, tailored to your research needs. From early prototypes to production runs, we ensure that your work is based on reliant and performant software.

Experienced in software development for both academia and industry, we can realise an application appropriate to your field.

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Embedded experts in your lab

Properly trained experts are difficult to find, and expensive to hire on a full time job. Yet, a software engineer, HPC specialist or data scientist embedded in your lab strengthen your research output by streamlining your analysis process.

You can hire one of our team members part-time for a specific duration. In that case, the cost is per time period instead of hourly. This offer is compatible with the SNSF technical personnal cost.

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Practical computing skills are nowadays necessary in most scientific domains. We organise short training sessions and seminars. Subjects range from basic knowledge to advanced skills, for instance:

  • Introduction to the University computing clusters
  • Basic and advanced GIT usage
  • Automated testing for reproducible research
  • Parallel computing for HPC (MPI, OpenMP, ...)

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