Terms of services

Who can benefit ?

SciCoS is commited to support all researchers of the University of Geneva and of the HES-Geneva.

Although we focus on academic needs, we also welcome requests from external institutions: public administration, private foundations, private companies, etc.

What are the service charges ?

We offer three hours of free consulting for each research project. For any further contribution, we charge an hourly rate of CHF 80.00 for academic researchers (Unige and HES-GE). For non-academic partners, we will establish a specific quote.

For any long-term hiring, as embedded expert, we charge the salary cost of the expert.

What are the possible funding aids ?

Most scientific funding organisations will consider our support as eligible costs. For example the Swiss SNSF will fund operational costs, especially computing and data acquisition.

We also grant free hours to projects through a selection process.

Acknowledgments and authorship

All publications that benefit from our support must include an appropriate acknowledgement statement. For instance:

« Scientific computing support was provided by [Expert Name], SciCoS, University of Geneva. »

If an expert provided substantial contribution, and participated in the paper redaction or revision, he or she qualifies as a co-author, similarly to any collaborator in a research, following current academic practices.