Research Groups

Fabien Cougnon

Synthesis of topologically complex molecules

Sascha Hoogendoorn

Molecular tools to study and pertub Hedgehog signaling and the primary cilium

Jérôme Lacour

Mechanistic asymmetric synthesis, counterion-mediated catalysis, molecular recognition

Stefan Matile

Organic Synthesis, Supramolecular Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry

Clément Mazet

Synthetic chemistry, asymmetric catalysis, reaction mechanism, characterization of reactive intermediates

Amalia Poblador-Bahamonde

Computational organometallic chemistry, reactions mechanisms, study of the metal-ligand bond, catalysis

Jasmine Viger-Gravel

Methods development in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Nicolas Winssinger

Chemical biology, supramolecular chemistry

Group Leaders