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Sep. 30 - Prof. Andrey Klymchenko
UMR 7213 CNRS University of Strasbourg Illkirch, France

Fluorescent Molecular and Nanoscale Probes: Pushing Limits of Brightness for Biosensing and Bioimaging
15:05 • Sciences III, lecture theatre 1S081 info


Sep. 30 - Karolina Strakova

Engineering of Mechanosensitive Fluorescent Probes for Practical Use in Biology: Towards More Sensitive and Precisely Localized Membrane Tension Reporters
(thesis defense) • 16:30 • ZOOM and LIVE at Sciences III, lecture theatre 1S081 - REGISTRATION REQUIRED info


Oct. 8 - Prof. Lyndon Emsley
Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance, EPFL

16:30 • ZOOM or LIVE depending on situation •  info


Oct. 30 - Prof. Nicolas Giuseppone
Institut Charles Sadrn, University of Strasbourg, France

14:15 • ZOOM or LIVE depending on situation •  info


Nov. 19 - Prof. Thomas Poulsen
Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University, Denmark

Understanding and Enhancing the Biological Activities of Electrophiles and Ionophores
16:30 • ZOOM or LIVE depending on situation •  info

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