Methods development in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; structure elucidation of surfaces, non-covalent interactions, catalysts, nanoparticles, gels and more.

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Latest Publications


  1. Structural analysis of water in ionic liquid domains – A low pressure study
    K. Dziubinska-Kühn, J. Croese, M. Pupier, J. Matysik, J. Viger-Gravel, B. Karg, M. Kowalska
    J. Mol. Liq. 2021, 334, 116447
  1. Two-step immobilization of metronidazole prodrug on TEMPO cellulose nanofibrils through thiol-yne click chemistry for in situ controlled release
    H. Durand, I. Baussanne, M. Demeunynck, J. Vigier-Gravel, L. Emsley, M. Bardet, E. Zeno, N. Belgacem, J. Bras
    Carbohydr. Polym. 2021, 262, 117952
  1. High Sensitivity Detection of a Solubility Limiting Surface Transformation of Drug Particles by DNP SENS
    J. Viger-Gravel, A.C. Pinon, S. Björgvinsdóttir, U. Skantze, A. Svensk Ankarberg, C. Von corswant, S. Schantz, L. Emsley
    J. Pharm. Sci. 2021, 110, 2452-2456