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Publication 134  

  1. Synthesis of deoxyelephantopin analogues
    R. Lagoutte, C. Serba, N. Winssinger
    J. Antibiot. 2018, 71, 248-256

Deoxyelephantopin is a sesquiterpene lactone that was reported to be as effective in the treatment of mammary tumours and lung metastasis as taxol based on a murine orthotopic cancer model. Its germacrene skeleton harbours three Michael acceptors that can potentially engage a target covalently. Its strained 10-membered ring is densely functionalised and represents an important synthetic challenge. We herein describe our studies towards deoxyelephantopins using a ring-closing metathesis approach and report some unexpected observations.

DOI: 10.1038/ja.2017.132 

open archive unige:101832