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Publication 78  

  1. DNA-templated combinatorial assembly of small molecule fragments amenable to selection/amplification cycles
    J. P. Daguer, M. Ciobanu, S. Alvarez, S. Barluenga, N. Winssinger
    Chem. Sci. 2011, 2, 625-632

The discovery of small molecule probes which selectively modulate biological pathways is a cornerstone in the development of new therapeutics. Progress in our ability to access libraries of biologically relevant small molecules in conjunction with streamlined screening technologies have also enabled a more systematic approach to chemical biology. Nevertheless, the current state of the art still requires a large infrastructure and only a small fraction of the proteome has been addressed thus far. The emergence of technologies based on nucleic acid encoding of small molecules presents a new screening paradigm. We describe a method based on DNA-templated combinatorial display of PNA-encoded drug fragments affording 62500 combinations which can be amplified following a selection. This concept was demonstrated with a screen against a representative target, carbonic anhydrase, by iterative cycles of affinity selection, amplification of DNA template and "translation" back into selected library members. The results show a clear convergence towards combinations which, upon resynthesis as covalent adducts, proved to bind cooperatively to carbonic anhydrase.

DOI: 10.1039/C0SC00574F 

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