Research projects


The Margins of Corruption - MARCO

Principal Investigator: Professor Emanuela Ceva (University of Geneva)


Endogenous Institutional Trustworthiness – EnTrust

A conceptual and normative inquiry with the tools of analytical political philosophy.

Principal Investigator: Professor Emanuela Ceva (University of Geneva)


Towards a non-populist theory of direct democracy

Projet FNS pour professeurs boursiers, 2018-2022

Principal Investigator: Professor Nenad Stojanović  (University of Geneva)


Constitution-making and deliberative democracy

European Cooperation in Science and Technology COST, CA17135, 2018-2022

Membre suppléant pour la Suisse: Professor Nenad Stojanović  (University of Geneva)


Reconstructing democracy in times of crisis: A voter-centred perspective REDEM

Projet Horizon 2020, Commission européenne, 2019-2022

Responsable de l'équipe UNIGE: Professor Nenad Stojanović  (University of Geneva)

Membre de l'équipe UNIGE: Professor Emanuela Ceva (University of Geneva)


Deliberative mini-publics in Switzerland

SNSF Project in collaboration with Swiss cities and cantons

Project Leader: Professor Nenad Stojanović  (University of Geneva)