24.03.2023 | University of Geneva, Switzerland

Affective and Contestatory Reactions to Institutional Failures - Third EnTrust Research Project's Workshop

9:25 - 10:40 | Alfred Archer (Tilburg University), Shame in Response to Institutional Failure

Discussant: Julien Deonna (University of Geneva)

10:40 - 11:55 | Emanuela Ceva (University of Geneva), The Mixed Affective Fabric of Dysfunctional Institutions

Discussant: Roberto Keller (University of Geneva)

12:10 - 13:25 | Chiara Destri (Goethe University Frankfurt), Political Trustworthiness: What It Is and Why It Matters

Discussant: Michele Bocchiola (University of Geneva)

14:40 - 15:55 | Candice Delmas (Northeastern University), Hunger Strikers' Response to Prison's Failures

Discussant: Marta Giunta Martino (University of Geneva)

15:55 - 17:10 | Marta Giunta Martino (University of Geneva), The Roots of Contestation within Institutions

Discussant: Candice Delmas (Northeastern University)


This is an in-person workshop. Attendance is open but requires registration. To register please send an email to Marta.Giunta(at) by 5 March 2023.