ReproducibiliTea Autumn 2021

04/02/2022, Geneva (Switzerland)

A second successful semester of ReproducibiliTea organized by Beatrice Valentini and Caro Hautekiet!

During this semester, different local node members led the discussions of different papers by their chose. We started the semester with a paper by Plesser (2018): "Reproducibility vs. Replicability: A Brief History of a Confused Terminology", discussion led by ReproducibiliTea organizers Beatrice Valentini and Caro Hautekiet. The second week, Alberto Antonietti led the discussion on a paper by Weissgerber et al. (2015): "Beyond Bar and Line Graphs: Time for a New Data Presentation Paradigm". Philippe Schneider led the discussion during the third week with a paper by Cowan et al. (2020): "How Do Scientific Views Change? Notes From an Extended Adversarial Collaboration". Last but not least, Ursa Bernardic led the discussion on the paper "Is Preregistration Worthwhile?" by Szollosi et al. (preprint).