SwissRN Annual Meeting 2023

13/02/2023, Bern (Switzerland)

On the 13th of January 2023, we had our second official Swiss Reproducibility Network Annual Meeting!

During this meeting, the steering committee presented the SwissRN strategy followed by a short discussion. Following, some of the local node leaders presented their initiatives at their respective institutions and the SwissRN Academy gave an overview of their activities since the last annual meeting (click here for more information on the SwissRN Academy). After a nice lunch break, the working groups reported on their progress and future plans. This was followed by the Ceremony of the Swiss Reproducibility Award. Two of our local node members were honored with this award: Tobia Spampatti and Caro Hautekiet  (see below for some pictures). To end the day, Brian Nosek gave a virtual talk titled: 'Sustaining the Open Science Movement: Assets and Risks'. 

SwissRN annual meeting.jpeg