The Master in Neuroscience is organized by the Geneva Neuroscience Center (GNC). For the FAQ of the master in neuroscience  click here.


For registration or adminitrative questions, please contact directly the student administrative center.

For courses and exams registration, please contact the faculty with which you are registered

For further information that is not related to registration , you can contact Delphine Jochaut .

For information regarding living and studying in Geneva, you can contact the Master in neuroscience student association Email: aeng.nsag@gmail.com.


The Master in Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary neuroscience program awarded jointly by two faculties from the University of Geneva (Sciences and Psychology and Educational Sciences). The master program placed under the responsibility of the Geneva Neuroscience Center (GNC) will provide students: a) a broad theoretical knowledge in the domain of neuroscience as well as technical skills specific to this field; b) a research training c) an introduction to scientific communication. The master is intended for students with a bachelor degree in Sciences, Medical Sciences, Psychology or any other equivalent degree, willing to pursue a career in neuroscience thorough research or/and education bodies at the university or the hospital. The degree gives access to the Lemanic Doctoral School in neuroscience as well as other advanced studies at the associated faculties (subject to the acquisition of the prerequisite of the chosen faculty).

Study Duration

A minimum of 90 credits must be obtained for the master degree. The minimum study duration is three semesters and the maximum is five semesters.

Students can enter the master in neuroscience program either in the Fall or Spring term.

General Structure of the Program

The Master program has two pillars: The first one is the neuroscience courses with various compulsory and optional modules. The compulsory modules constitute the core curriculum with three axes: a) methodology, signal processing and statistics, b) cellular and molecular neurobiology, c) cognitive and affective sciences. The optional modules should be taken in the field of neuroscience and are intended to help students to strengthen their personal skills. The compulsory and optional modules account for 30 ECTS. A minimum of 6 ECTS should be obtained by a faculty different from the affiliated one. The second pillar of the program is an important personal research project under the supervision of a GNC group member. In addition, students should take part in a international conference and seminars. The second pillar provides 60 ECTS. The students are doing in the same time both the research project and the courses.


No French exam is required for the master in neuroscience admission. All of the compulsary courses and about one third of the optional courses are given in English.

Admission Requirements

The student can be accepted to the master if she/he fulfills two conditions: 

  1. The student holds a bachelor of Sciences, Medical Sciences, Psychology or any other degree considered equivalent by the faculties and the GNC committee. Information regarding the equivalence cannot be obtained before the documents submission to the student administrative center. 
  2. The student is accepted by a research lab for the master project before the beginning of the master

Students who are not registered at the University of Geneva

Enrolment process to the master is done through the student administrative center of the University. Students will specify the name of master program in the application form. The application form will be transmitted and evaluated by the faculty corresponding or closest to the student's degree. More information about registration procedures is found here. Application deadline is April 30 for the Fall term and November 30 for the Spring termFor students who need a visa, the deadline is February 28 for the Fall term and September 30 for the Spring term . For additional information regarding registration procedure, please contact directly the student administrative center .

Students who are already registered at the University of Geneva

Students finishing their bachelor degree at the University of Geneva should register to the master program directly at the faculty corresponding or closest to their degree before their exmatriculation.

Admission Procedure

Students interested in taking the Master program should find a faculty member approved by the GNC committee to supervise their research project. The search for a lab can be done before, after or at the same time as the registration procedure. The number of available places for the research project is limited. To have a better chance to get accepted in a lab, contacts with lab directors should be made well in advance. The approval of the supervisor should be obtained before August 31 for the students starting the master in the Fall term or before February 1 for those starting in the Spring term. The supervisor should inform the coordinator of the master (Delphine Jochaut) of her/his acceptance before the beginning of the master. The student cannot be definitively registered to the master without having found a supervisor. The list of faculty members approved by the GNC committee is listed to the following address http://neurocenter.unige.ch/groups.php.

Tuition Fees

Tutions fees are about CHF 500.- per semester.