The UNIGE Faculty of Medicine is headed by the Dean's Office, which oversees teaching and research, and whose work is supported by the College of Professors, the various Faculty Commissions and the Participatory Council. The Administration is in charge of human resources, budgets, logistics and operationalservices, and 21 Core Facilities provide state-of-the-art tools to conducting life science reserach. In addition, there are 3 sections (clinical medicine, fundamental medicine and dental medicine) and 16 departments:

The Clinical Medicine Section

works on clinical research projects that revolve around the knowledge of man and disease with the subject (patient or not) as the main actor. It is interested in fields as diverse as new surgical techniques, anti-infectious therapies and mental or physical suffering. It works closely with the University Hospitals of Geneva.

The Fundamental Medicine Section

is interested in understanding the normal function of the human body and the alterations that occur in disease. Research projects focus on molecular and cellular mechanisms as well as on animals.

The Dental Medicine Section

also called the University Clinic of Dental Medicine has research activities with similar objectives to those of the Section of Clinical Medicine - namely prevention, improved diagnosis and management of patients with dental diseases.