Who we are

Founded in 1876, the Faculty of Medicine is one of the nine faculties of the University of Geneva (UNIGE). At the heart of international Geneva, it carries out its teaching, research and care missions in direct contact with the city and the world.

The Faculty of Medicine is a leader in neuroscience, genetics and transplantation, among others. It is also committed to teachning and research in global health. Its fundamental research, of international level, as well as its close association with the largest hospital complex in Switzerland, the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), give it all the assets to develop a major axis of translational research, in coordination with the other actors of the Lake Geneva region.

The Faculty of Medicine is the second largest UNIGE faculty  in terms of budget and staff, after the Faculty of Science. The UNIGE's Faculty of Medicine has a reputation for pioneering teaching methods (problem-based learning, integrated teaching) and offers its students a quality education that will enable them to meet the needs of society, whether they are destined for post-graduate training in primary care medicine or in one of the specialties of medicine.

The Faculty of Medicine is headed by the Dean's Office, which oversees teaching and research. The Administration handles human resources, budgets, logistics and operational services. The Faculty of Medicine is divided into 3 sections (clinical medicine, fundamental medicine and dental medicine) and 16 departments.

The University Medical Centre - Centre médical universitaire (CMU)

Since 1981, the Faculty of Medicine has been located in the CMU buildings in Champel. The CMU premises have made it possible to provide basic medicine with an environment conducive to the development of research, thanks to state-of-the-art technical resources and structures that encourage interdepartmental interactions and synergies. With this in mind, the Faculty of Medicine provides its staff, as well as scientists from university and hospital institutions in the Lake Geneva region, with some twenty highly specialised technical platforms.

The extension of the CMU, inaugurated in November 2016, made it possible to accommodate the Pharmaceutical Science Institute of Western Switzerland (IPSO), the University Clinic of Dental Medicine, the research laboratories previously located at the HUG, part of the premises of the Interprofessional Simulation Centre (CiS), as well as a day care and a space adapted for teaching.

Campus Biotech

Since 2014, some of the Faculty of Medicine's laboratories have been located at the CampusBiotech, Geneva's flagship for biotechnology and life sciences research. These include researchers in human neuroscience, the Institute of Global Health, as well as specialists in medical informatics and telemedicine.