Technologies & Services

Image and Data analysis

In order to facilitate the data storage and analysis to all users, ACCESS Geneva has developed a fully integrated data management system, based on Molecular Devices™ software environment. All data generated are automatically saved on our secured academic server and are easily accessible at any time with no risk of data or metadata lose. Thanks to the installation of dedicated virtual machines, any user can access his data at any time using a direct or VPN connection to the University of Geneva network.

Cell mask.jpgMetaXpress™: We offer MetaXpress™ Custom Module Editor, a deep image analysis tool, available on the virtual machine. The latest version of MetaXpress analysis software allow the user to develop very complex analysis pipeline. By implementing several segmentation steps, users can fully dissect any image. More than fifty parameters can then be extracted for each mask in each detection channel, which represents more than 200 data points per cell. Overall, this provides a precise phenotypic description of the image. The intensive analysis job is then sent to our calculation server, equipped with PowerCore®, which is able to provide multi-thread processing.

You can use MetaXpress on our workstation or on our Virtual Machine.

Acuity.jpgAcuityXpress™: The large amount of data generated by a complex phenotypic analysis is not easy to handle and requires an appropriate data analysis software. For this purpose, we have installed AcuityXpress, which helps the user, to annotate their plate, plot the data and run statistical analysis. A full support and software training is provided to cope with the large and complex data set generated.

You can use AcuityXpress on our workstation or on our Virtual Machine.