Teaching & Trainning

ACCESS Geneva is involved in several courses for the student of the Unige Faculty of sciences. The facility also organise an HCS workshop every two year for swiss academia scientist.



  • Light microscopy course (with Unige Bioimaging platform, 14B063A): 90 min introduction to HCS and automated microscopy, followed by a presentation of the facility. 15/20 students, Master or Phd level.
  • Microscopy praticals (12C902B): 6 microscopy techniques (Spinning disc, SEM, Wiedfield, Automated microscopy, TEM, TIRF), Image J overview. 12 assitants from Unige biochemistry department. 20+ students 3rd year bachelor biochemistry.
  • Introduction to image processing and analysis: 240 min introduction to complex image and phenotypic anaylsis processes. Software demo. 8 sutdents from the PhD School
  • System Biology of Membrane traffic: 120 min introduction to system biology, presentation of several contributions in the field of membrane trafficking. 10/15 students Master in Membrane Biology



  • Introduction to automated microscopy, theoretical and practical work: Preparation of cell sample using automated tools. Fixation and immuno-staining using automated plate washer. Image acquisition on the ImageXpress micro. Image and data analysis using Biocomputing tools. Open to 6 participants from all Swiss academia. One autumn session every two years.