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Ready to use assay

Cell assay General schema.jpgACCESS Geneva is offering a series of 12 biological microscopy based assays ready to use with your own compounds.

Those assays can be very efficient for identifying biological activities on human cells in the field of endocytic trafficking, viral infection, cell viability or cellular organel morphology. Those assays could also a be very useful to identify (or rule out) side or off target effect from the hit list compounds coming out of your screen campaign. All the assays have been standardized and optimized for a maximum robustness and reliability. Customization (eg. particular cell line, staining antibody …) is not included in the proposed package and would have to be discussed for feasibility and cost.


Ready to use HCS Cell assay, including:
- Cell culture *
- Assay preparation **
- Saitining
- Imaging
- Image analysis
* using ACCESS Geneva cell line, optimisation might be needed for custom cellular model (extra cost)
** do not include heavy liquid handling (large library)
Prices (per plate):
- HCS Cell Immuno-Assay 96 well plate -- CHF 350.-
- HCS Cell Immuno-Assay 384 well plate -- CHF 450.-
- HCS Cell Fluo-Assay 96 well plate -- CHF 250.-
- HCS Cell Fluo-Assay 384 well plate -- CHF 300.-

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