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The CTL (30 ECTS) can be completed in one or two semesters. Students take one required course (6 ECTS) and four optional courses (6 ECTS each). 

Required Course

Autumn Semester 2020/2021

Spring Semester 2021

 Students may choose to take two of these courses on comparative methodology, but must indicate on the exam registration form which they take as the "required course" for the CTL.


Optional Courses

Year-long Course

Droit international public* (Mbengue)

Autumn Semester 2020/2021

Courses in English

Courses in French

Spring Semester 2021

Courses in English

Courses in French

 *Courses indicated with an asterisk are only available to students arriving from other Swiss or foreign universities.

**Course offered by the Global Studies Institute (GSI). Students registering for courses and exams at the GSI should be aware that the respective registration deadlines are different from those of the faculty of law. We kindly ask that you contact the GSI for information on the relevant registration dates.


Seminars, Moot Courts

Students arriving from other Swiss or foreign universities may opt to replace two optional modules with a seminar (12 ECTS credits). Anyone wishing to participate in a seminar is required to notify the Student Secretariat (Office 3093) as soon as possible. Acceptance of CTL students is subject to availability.

Please note that the planning for seminars, competitions and moot courts will be determined by the professors once the registrations have been completed.


Year-long Moot Courts

Autumn Semester 2020/21

Spring Semester 2021


Courses at the Graduate Institute***

Two of the optional courses may be completed through cross-registration at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID). CTL students are exceptionally admitted to courses at the Graduate Institute after a minimum of two years of studies. Eligible courses (6 ECTS each) may include:


Autumn Semester 2020

  • The Foundations of International Law (Marcelo Kohen) - Mercredi 14h15 – 16h00, S8
  • International Law in the 21st Century (Paola Gaeta) – Mardi 14h15 – 16h00, S8
  • Climate Change and International Law (Anne Saab) – Mercredi 10h15 – 12h00, S5
  • International Environmental Law and Policy (Jorge E. Viñuales) – Vendredi 14h15-18h00, S5 (4h/2semaines dates voir syllabus IHEID)
  • International Migration Law (Vincent Chetail) - Lundi 16h15-18h00, S5
  • International Trade Law (Jan Bohanes) – Jeudi, 18h15 – 20h00, A2
  • International Law Theories (Andrea Bianchi) – Lundi 14h15-16h00, S5
  • The Law and Practice of International Organizations (Gian Luca Burci) - Jeudi, 16h15 – 18h00, S5
  • Law of the Sea: Current Challenges (Zachary Douglas) - Lundi 10h15 – 12h00, S5
  • Law without the State (Thomas Schultz) – Jeudi, 14h15 – 16h00, S7
  • The Place of the State in International Law at the Time of "Globalization” (Marcelo Kohen) - Mardi 16h15-18h00, S4

Spring Semester 2021

  • Transnational Law (Nico Krisch) - Mardi 14h15 – 16h00, S8
  • Génocide et responsabilité internationale (Paola Gaeta) - Jeudi, 10h15-12h00, S5
  • Global Health Law (Gian Luca Burci) – Lundi 14h15 – 16h00, S5
  • History and Theory of International Law (Janne Nijman) - Lundi 12h15 – 14h, S5 et Mercredi 8h15 -10h, S4
  • International Investment Law (Joost Pauwelyn) - Mardi 10h15 – 12h00, S8
  • Internet Governance: the Role of International Law (Thomas Schultz) – Vendredi, 10h15-12h00, S5
  • Political Justice and Human Rights: Foundational Questions (Neus Torbisco-Casals) - Jeudi, 14h15-16h00, S8
  • The Politics of International Law (Nico Krisch) – Mercredi 12h15 – 14h00, S5
  • La rétroactivité en droit international (Marcelo Kohen) - Mardi 16h15 – 18h00, S3
  • Self-determination in International Law (Marcelo Kohen) - Mercredi 16h15 – 18h00, S5
  • The Theory and Practice of Treaty Interpretation (Andrea Bianchi and Fuad Zarbiyev) - Lundi 10h15 – 12h00, S5
  • The Trade of International Lawyer: Anatomy of a Profession (Fuad Zarbiyev) - Lundi 16h15-18h00, S5
  • WIPO and International Intellectual Property Law (Edward Kwakwa) – Jeudi, 18h15-20h00, S8

 ***Admission subject to the case-by-case approval of the course organiser.

Courses taught in French

CTL students are free to choose up to two courses taught in French. Students who take a majority of courses in French earn the Certificat de Droit Transnational (CDT) instead of the CTL.