Study in Geneva

Fees & Cost of Living

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The University of Geneva is – like all Swiss Universities – a public institution. The fees for one semester principally amount to 500 CHF.

Students registering through an exchange programme between their home university and the University of Geneva do not pay any tuition fees but only 65 CHF of administrative fees. There are no additional fees for registering for the ‘Certificate in Transnational law’.

Cost of Living

Geneva is a very attractive city – not only for students from all over the world but also for diplomats, international lawyers and multinational enterprises, many of which have their headquarters in the Geneva area. This contributes to relatively high living costs in Geneva.

The following table provides an idea of the costs of living in Geneva. Cheaper accommodation is available in the neighboring French towns, such as Ferney-Voltaire, Annemasse or Saint-Julien-en-Genevois.

Estimated living costs per student CHF
Rent: student residence (shared facilities) 550
Rent: student residence (single apartment) 700
Food etc. 600-800
Health insurance 100 (these costs can be avoided if the students maintain the insurance in their home country)
Mobile phones 25-35
Study-related expenses 100
Public transport 45 (under the age of 25), 70 (over 25)
Fees: 500.- per semester (for students not coming through an established exchange relation) 84
Total monthly cost 1'400 – 1’900