Study in Geneva

Where to live?


You should start searching for a place to live as soon as possible. Geneva is an attractive city and therefore it is not always easy to find a place to stay within the budget of a student. But the University of Geneva tries to help every incoming student and even offers some places to stay.

Student Accommodation Office of the University of Geneva

Please contact the student accommodation office (bureau des logements) in order to get a room in one of the University Halls of Residence. There are many options available, ranging from CHF 380 – CHF 550 for shared apartments to CHF 460 – 700 for single apartments. We recommend you register as early as possible, which means at the same time as you send your application. If you do not recieve any offers, we recommend that you to present yourself personally at the beginning of the semester. Sometimes rooms become available on short notice. After having registered for admission you will have access to the internal homepages of the University, where you will be able to find private accommodation offers. In Geneva, individuals often sublet a room in their apartment to international students.

Bureau des logements
4, rue de Candolle
1211 Genève 4
Tél. : +41 22 3797 720

Private Student Residences

Whether it is the University residences or private residences, it is important to show your interest as early as possible. Some residences close their waiting list at the end of April for the upcoming autumn semester. Once in Geneva, presenting yourself personally at the reception is recommended. Frequently, free places are given to students who are at the right place at the right time.

List of some private residences in Geneva:

  • Centre Universitaire Protestant 1
  • Centre Universitaire Protestant 2
  • Centre Universitaire Catholique
  • Résidence Universitaire Internationale
  • Résidence Rotschild/ Carlton
  • Foyer Universitaire de Carouge
  • Centre Crétien pour Jeunes (residence of protestant church)
  • Centre St-Boniface (residence of the catholic church)
  • Foyer "L'Accueil" (only for women)
  • Home St-Pierre - Petershöfli (also daily rent available, maybe useful after arrival)
  • Foyer St-Justin
  • Résidence "Le Voltaire"

Further information about how to get a room in one of these residences can be found on their own homepage.

Cooperative CIGUË

Very cheap lodging (CHF 300-450) is available through the cooperative CIGUË. CIGUË mainly offers rooms in shared apartments. In order to get access to their offers you need to sign up personally. You will then be selected by your future flatmates. Before moving in, you have to become a member of the cooperative (CHF 300 plus two months of rent, which you will get back when you move out).

Living in France

Geneva is very close to the French border and public transport often takes you there directly. Because rent is cheaper in France, some students choose to search for a shared room there (e.g. on EU students living in France may also get subsidies from the French state even if they are registered at a Swiss university. As it requires a bit of administrative effort, it is primarily recommended for students who plan to stay for two semesters.