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Pauline Bellot

Mrs Pauline Bellot

Former Trainee in final year, Master II in "Ecophysiology and Ecotoxicology" at Sorbonne University (Paris)

I hold a Bachelor's degree in "Disrupted Ecosystems" from the University of Marseille and a first Master's degree in "Environmental and Human Toxicology" from the University of Angers (France). My main research interests concern aquatic ecotoxicology and phytoremediation.

I am currently in my final year of study for a Master II in "Ecophysiology and Ecotoxicology" at Sorbonne University (Paris). As part of my training, I joined the Department F.-A. Forel for Environmental and Aquatic Sciences, in February 2020, to carry out my final internship. The objective of this internship is to highlight the effects of mercury on phytoplankton in the context of climate change. More precisely how a change in the spectrum and intensity of light could affect the speciation, bioavailability and therefore the toxicity of mercury to Chlamydomonas

Former collaborators