High Performance Computing

Terms of use

  • Have some basic knowledge of the Linux command line (without GUI) and Bash scripting.
  • Use the clusters only for research purposes
  • This means you cannot mine Bitcoins here, nor can you store your personal files (video, music, pictures, email, etc.).
  • Be civil when you use the HPC resources, for example:
    • Do not use the login node to run your code
    • Do not waste resources by requesting things you won't use
    • Do not store great amounts of files if they are not needed
    • Etc.

Publication and acknowledgments

  • If you publish any data computed using Baobab or Yggdrasil clusters, we kindly ask you to add the following acknowledgement to your paper:
    > The computations were performed at University of Geneva on "Baobab" and/or "Yggdrasil" HPC cluster(s).

  • Feel free to add any kind words, and please let us know when you get published.

  • For details about technical aspects, please refer to the HPC user documentation - https://doc.eresearch.unige.ch/hpc/start