Limnology and environmental geology

The research activities of the group of 'Limnology and environmental geology' address issues that lie at the interface between geology, geochemistry and environmental sciences, mainly centered on issues related to aquatic environments and geology of the Anthropocene.

The main research domains focus on:

Processes of transfer, settling and reworking of sediment and associated pollutant, especially mercury, in natural lacustrine and artificial reservoir settings (Jean-Luc LOIZEAU and Walter WILDI; limnology, geochemistry and radioisotopes geochemistry). Projects Venezia 2021, Mercuromix, MetOxiC.


The dynamics of peri-alpine lacustrine and deltaic sedimentary systems on short (decades) and medium (centuries) terms by studying sediment delivery linked to geological and hydrological events (Stephanie Girardclos Department of Earth Sciences and Institute for Environmental Science, sedimentology, seismic reflection, multibeam echosounder, Walter WILDI and Jean-Luc LOIZEAU). Recent sediment dating by radiometric methods.


Environmental behaviour of less-studied trace elements such as Sb and technology-critical elements (Nb, Ta, Ga, In, Ge, Te), including the development of new analytical methods and the determination of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters. Long-term temporal trends of trace elements and natural organic matter concentrations in freshwaters. Role of biomineralisation in freshwaters. Plastics. (Montserrat FILELLA, chemistry of aquatic environments).


 Members of the group are active in several interdisciplinary projects in Switzerland and abroad (see personal pages) in collaboration with Southern countries. They also have a privileged relationship with the scientific group 'Limnogeology and Geomicrobiology'of Department of Earth Sciences, with whom they share projects, equipment and laboratories.

Many courses, tutorials and workshops are taught by teachers of the 'Limnology and environmental geology' group at Bachelor (Earth and Environmental Sciences) and master levels Master in Geology (ELSTE), Master in Environmental sciences (MUSE). The complete list arranged by teacher or by theme is available in the Course Catalogue of the University of Geneva.

The team is also very involved in outreach activities through mandates, scientific mediation and publications to the attention of the general public (see Services).