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INcoming exchange students

Before coming to Geneva


Thanks to an agreement with your home university, you have the opportunity to attend Bachelor- (BA) or Master-level (MA) courses at the FTI for one or two semesters. In order to do so, you must meet the following conditions:

Come up with a study plan

Come up with a study plan based on the FTI's curriculum and:

  • Your level of studies at your home university (BA or MA);
  • Your language combination;
  • Restrictions on FTI courses by level (see below).


Bachelor in Multilingual Communication

In a nutshell:

Si vous souhaitez…
If you want to,
Vous pouvez suivre les cours suivants…
you can attend the following courses
suivre des cours donnés en français
attend courses taught in French
Technologies de l’information et de la communication
Gestion et recherche documentaires
Initiation à l’interprétation
Outils d’aide au traducteur
Communication interculturelle et médiation linguistique
Langues de spécialité
Lexique et ressources langagières
Théories et stratégies de la communication
Initiation à l’économie
suivre des cours de renforcement du français (B2 requis)
attend French refresher courses (B2-level required)
Étude de la langue B/FR
Civilisation B/FR
Thème langue A/FR
Expression écrite B/FR
Communication et culture B/FR
traduire vers l'anglais
translating into English
Thème langue B/EN
suivre des cours de traduction
attend translation courses

Méthodologie de la traduction 1 et 2 langue B/langue A

suivre des cours de traduction avancée
attend advanced translation courses
Pratique de la traduction langue 1 et 2 B/langue A


Masters in Translation

No restrictions on the courses offered by the FTI in our MA programmes.

MA in Conference Interpreting

The following restrictions apply:

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Upon your arrival

Course schedule

See this short video to familiarise yourself with your schedule:

FTI information session

Upon your arrival, you must attend an information session organised by the FTI. For the Fall 2023-2024 semester, the session will take place on:

Monday, 18 September 2023 from 9:15 to 10 am
in room MR060 (ground floor), Uni Mail

Incoming exchange student guide

Download the Guide de la mobilité IN à la FTI for more information on your time at the Faculty (during and after your exchange).

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