Past Editions

Spring 2020

13-14 February

I Geneva Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy
Keynotes: Francis Cheneval (Universität Zürich),  Fabienne Peter (University of Warwick)



19 February

 Jonathan Seglow (Royal H., University of London)

Against the Secret Ballot



9 March

 Maria Paola Ferretti (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

Public Debate, Post-Truth Policy and the Role of Citizens



30 March

John Parkinson (Maastricht University)

The Role of Referendums in Deliberative Systems



6 April

Nadia Urbinati (Columbia University)

The Populist Challenge to Democracy



29 April

Esma Baycan Herzog (Université de Genève)

Ethics of Immigration: Nations or Cities?



12 May

Johannes Schulz (Universität Luzern)

Urbanization, Peripheral Resentment and the New Populism – Introducing a Research Agenda 



26 May

 Laetitia Ramelet (Université de Lausanne)

Why Elections Results Are Not Reliable Indicators of Citizens' Consent