Past Editions

Spring 2023

16-17 February

IV Geneva Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

Keynote:  Seth Lazar (Australian National University)



29 March 

Esma Baycan Herzog (Université de Genève)

Political enfranchisement of immigrants, ideology critique and legitimacy.


18 April 

William Ossipow (Professeur Honoraire, Université de Genève) 

Deux perspectives sur l'oeuvre politique de Kant: engagement moral et art d'écrire.



8 May 

Daniel Sharp (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) 

What's wrong with denationalization?



11 May

Matteo Bonotti (Monash University)

Political finance and party systems in the normative theory of partisanship: toward a civic model.



16 May 

Petr Urban (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)

Social cohesion contested. 



26 May

Daniel Weinstok (McGill University)

The fallacy of democratic division: the cases of party membership and party leadership.



30 May

Johnatan Floyd (University of Bristol)

Public political philosophy: cautious but critical.