Past Editions

Spring 2022

17-18 February

III Geneva Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

Keynotes: Sandrine Baume (Université de Lausanne) | Jason Brennan (Georgetown



1 March 

Theodore Lechterman (University of Oxford)

#StopHateForProfit and the ethics of boycotting by corporations



21 March 

Helder De Schutter (KU Leuven) 

Two alternatives to subsidiarity



4 May 

Anna Milioni (King’s College London) 

Mobile migration and the right to democratic participation



9 May

Jose Luis Martì (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) & Samantha Besson (Université de Fribourg, CH; Cóllege de France) 

Multiplying sovereignties in the international multiple representation system



17 May

Marta Giunta Martino (Université de Genève)

Public servants’ role and contestation