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Gagliardi Luisa

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Luisa Gagliardi is Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva (Department of History, Economics and Society). She is also Visiting fellow at the London School of Economics (Department of Geography and Environment). Research affiliate to the Spatial Economics Research Centre (CEP-SERC) at the London School of Economics and to the Research Centre for Regional Economics, Transports and Tourism (CERTeT) at Bocconi University.


Her research lies at the interplay between economic geography and international business studies with a spin on issues traditionally tackled by labour economics and the economics of innovation and technological change. Examples include the role of Multinational Corporations in shaping the geography of production and labour and the analysis of individual and firm sorting decisions.



Economic geography; Multinational Corporations; Local labour markets; Corporate innovation strategies; Gentrification processes

Funded Projects

  • EU 7th Framework Program “Policy Incentives for the Creation of Knowledge: Methods and Evidence (PICK-ME)”, EU Directorate for Research. Grant Agreement no. 266959.
  • European Investments Bank - StareBEI Project “Built to last: development policies and socioeconomic foresight in the cities of Europe”.


  • T206001 CR Territorial Economics. Undergraduate Course (BA)

  • T208003 CR Economics of Inequality and Redistribution. Undergraduate Course (BA)

  • T406010 CR Spatial Economic Analysis. Graduate Course (MSc)




Prof. Luisa Gagliardi

Professeure assistante

+41 22 379 87 92

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