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Joint Course - A Translation Project by the Cooperative Network Philotrans

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In a collaborative effort to enhance institutional multilingualism and streamline access to central documentation, five partner universities within the 4EU+ Alliance have embarked on a transformative translation project. The institutions behind this endeavor are Charles University in Prague, Heidelberg University, University of Milan, University of Warsaw, and University of Geneva.

From the 9th to the 10th of October, Prof. Mathilde Fontanet, co-head of the Department of Translation of the FTI (Faculty of Translation and Interpreting) at UNIGE, accompanied a team of 1 teaching and research staff and 3 students in a productive onsite work session hosted in Heidelberg. This dynamic event encompassed a wide range of activities, including terminology extraction, compilation of reference corpora, introduction to CAT Tools, and language-specific group work, among others.

The “Translated 4EU+” project, held as a blended joint course, is organized by the international research network "Philotrans". The collaboration will continue through regular online meetings until the year's end, involving two hours of classes per week along with engaging assignments. This initiative offers MA students a remarkable opportunity to engage in an international project, gaining invaluable practical experience in various translation-related fields.

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