Modern English Literature (18th - 20th Centuries)



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I completed an MA in the 'Long' Eighteenth Century and Romanticism at Queen Mary, London, after a BA at the University of Leeds. My  early interests in Romantic poetry and prose focused on the intersection with philosophy, and my thesis is geared towards a re-reading of late Romanticism in light of recent ecological and environmental criticism with particular attention to the role of  labour, sound and poetics, under the supervision of Professor Simon Swift.

I have given seminars across the Romantic and Victorian periods. These include: 'The Year Without a Summer: Reading 1816 in Poetry and Prose', on John Clare, and on Tennyson. I am also a tutor in the 'Introduction to the Study of Literature' course, having taught poetry, the essay, drama and the novel.



Modern English Literature (18th - 20th Centuries)