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Conseil mobilité
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Useful documents

Information for students in the Faculty of Humanities who want to study abroad

How to register and validate ECTS credits for a partial exchange with the Faculty of Humanities at another university (Fribourg, Lausanne or Neuchâtel)

Are you an exchange student?

Exchange students can create their own study plan. Four ECTS credits are awarded for each semester-long course, seminar or course-seminar that is successfully completed (evaluated and graded). Teachers must decide on the method of evaluation for their course or seminar before the beginning of the semester, ensuring that it corresponds to 4 ECTS credits. The method of evaluation should be indicated on the registration form , which must be filled out by the student and verified by the teacher before being handed in to the Faculty’s examination services.

Exchange students may not be able to get credits for certain modules (ie. modules that are already full). In that case, teachers must inform the exchange coordinator of their program, as well as the Dean’s representative for International Affairs and SEMP agreements. Students still have the option of auditing these modules.

Students from Triangle Azur and Swiss Universities, as well as students from other UNIGE Faculties, have the choice of taking the 12-credit modules or the 6-credit half-module modules provided for in the study plans, but they can also choose the 4-credit formula.