Katia Loizeau

Mrs Katia Loizeau

System administrator

B211, Uni Carl Vogt
+41 22 379 03 05

Mission and activities

System administrator part-time

Current responsibilities:


I have an academic background and training as an engineer-geologist. At the start of my career, I worked for several mining companies in South Africa and Sweden. Following my return to Switzerland, I rapidly moved into the field of computing. I started my computing career working for a small company where I created and animated courses for micro-computer users. I became fully integrated into the computing world when I joined a main-frame manufacturer. During those 17 years, the company expanded and grew to become a leading service provider and was then acquired by another European competitor. I learned a tremendous amount from a technical point-of-view during the IT merger of both companies as I was actively assisting the Head of IT with the transition phase. I have worked both in-house and assisting clients in the role of IT support for more than 20 years.