Completed projects

Antibiotic_1a_200X131.jpgEvaluation of Environmental Impacts in Water Ecosystems with Genetic Based Bacteriological and Physicochemical Aspects Guided Sustainable Water Resource Management in Developing Countries: Case of South India and sub-Saharan Africa

  • Funding : Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF)
  • 2014 – 2018 (completed)
  • Our laboratory is involved in the assesses the anthropogenic influences associated microbiological and toxic metal contamination of the aquatic environment receiving systems, irrigation water and crops, as well as drinking water supplies.
  • UniGe Responsibles : Vera Slaveykova, Walter Wildi & John Poté
  • PhD students: Amandine Laffite (University of Geneva) & Naresh Devarajan (accomplished)
  • Partners: University of Kinshasa and UPN (Congo) and Jamal Mohamed College-Bharathidasan University (India)


Antibiotic resistance of multidrug resistant according to different climatic conditionsAntibiotic_resistance_200X150.jpg

This project identifies the possible antibiotic resistance mechanisms prevailing in environmental bacteria, under tropical versus temperate climatic conditions, incorporating international surveillance to provide baseline information on the prevalence of antibiotic resistance bacteria and their resistance genes from hospital and communal effluents and their spread into the aquatic ecosystem.

  • 2012 – 2016 (completed)
  • Funding:
    - Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students
    - Swiss National Science Foundation
    - Bourse Augustin Lombard 2013
    - Bourse Ernst and Lucie Schmidheiny Foundation
  • UniGe Responsibles: Bas Ibelings & John Poté
  • PhD student : Naresh Devarajan
  • Partners : University of Kinshasa (Congo) and Jamal Mohamed College-Bharathidasan University (India)


Functional metagenomics and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – an integrative approach to explore the antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) and gene transfer elements (GTEs) from river sediments under tropical conditions.

  • 2016 – 2017 (completed)
  • Funding:
    - Swiss National Science Foundation
    - Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students
  • UniGe Responsible: John Poté
  • Post Doc : Dr. Periyasamy Sivalingam
  • Partners : Jamal Mohamed College-Bharathidasan University (India)