Tsoutsou Pelagia

Prof. Pelagia Tsoutsou

Head of Radiation Oncology Department



Born in Greece, I studied Medicine (1993-1999) and obtained my MD-PhD (2004) in the University of Thessaly, Faculty of Medicine. I was trained in Radiation Oncology in Athens, Greece and Lille, France, before obtaining my postgraduate diploma in Radiation Oncology in 2006 and occupying a Senior Lecturer position and medical staff in the Democritus University of Thrace and Univeristy Hospital of Hospital of Alexandroupolis from then on and until 2011. Cheffe de Clinique at CHUV from 2011-2013, then Médecin Adjointe in the Valais Hospital, I then obtained the position of Head of Radiation Oncology Department in Neuchâtel Hospital (2015-2018) as well as Head of The Oncology Division ai (2018-2019). Head of the Radiation Oncology Department in Geneva University Hospital since 2019, I reorganized the Department so that quality care through multidisciplinarity can be made available to all cancer patients in the Geneva canton. My research focuses on breast cancer, improvement of the therapeutic ratio of radiotherapy and innovative radiotherapy, such as FLASH.

My main research interests concern radiation interaction with systemic treatments (radioprotectors and radiosensitizers, as well as immunotherapy). Innovative radiotherapy (FLASH) clinical transfer is another axis of efforts to improve the therapeutic ratio in which I focus. With a clinical and research expertise in breast cancer, I try to bring preclinical innovation to clinical practice, by focusing on new radiotherapy roles in this setting, as well as the systemic effects of a local treatment, radiotherapy. Notably, in terms of improving the therapeutic ratio of radiotherapy, my works include the evaluation in clinical research of amifostine, a radioprotector, as well as the preclinical evaluation of radiosensitizers, such as TAT-RasGAP(317-326) et Debio 1143, the latter being currently evaluated in a phase III setting. Working further within this clinical/preclinical tandem with the CHUV Radiobiology laboratory, I explored cardiotoxicity of radiotherapy and drugs in breast cancer, and participated into FLASH radiotherapy development, focused on its clinical transfer.

Breast cancer heterogeneity and its introduction into radiotherapy practice, clinical research with innovative roles for radiotherapy (immunostimulation) in selected populations of breast cancer, as well as systemic effects of breast cancer radiotherapy represent my specific research interests in my discipline. My core expertise concerns breast cancer radiotherapy, association of radiotherapy and systemic agents, immunostimulatory as well as FLASH radiotherapy.


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