Ansari Marc

Prof. Marc Ansari

Head of Oncology and Hematology Pediatric (HUG)


My academic career started in Canada, supported by the FNRS, where I was able to learn the basics of pharmacogenetics, in the field of childhood lymphoblastic leukemia, and to create first biobank of children who had undergone a stem cell transplantation (HSCT). Upon my return to Switzerland, I was able, thanks to the support of the FNRS, to continue my research at the Faculty of Medicine, using the biological and clinical samples of this biobank and to specialize in pharmacogenomics of pediatric HSCT (mainly on chemotherapy; Busulfan) and became an international reference. I quickly created international multicenter studies in this field and then in 2011, founded and directed the first research platform in Pediatric Onco-Hematology at the UNIGE by gathering local and international researchers. I created 7 research axes (pharmacogenomics and individualized therapy, neuroblastoma, liver tumor, HSCT, brain tumor, hematology and biobank). I was mainly involved in the pharmacogenomics program of HSCT and developed multiple international studies (EBMT, iBFM) including the first European pediatric pharmacogenetic study of Busulfan randomized prospective (Bugenes). I also personally developed the research axis on international liver tumors through my activities with CHIC, SIOPEL, COG(Horizon 2020 funding). Finally, I created the Geneva biobank in pediatric onco-hematology at the HUG with a national component and recruited pediatric cancer survivors in Switzerland, linked to the FNRS-supported child cancer registry in order to develop toxicity reduction pharmacogenomic studies. I have studies as PI open in more than 150 hospitals across the globe. I am part of many international boards in the field of pediatric cancer.

I am heading the clinical and research in oncology and hematology pediatric at the HUG/UNIGE. I created the first research plateforme in this area and moved our research plateform in 2022 at the CMU. It is therefore the right time now to join the CRTOH. The platefome has now approximatively 25-30 researchers expert in different fields (pharmacology, bio informatics, pharmacogenomic, geneticist, cliniciens expert in pediatris and oncology, techniciens, clinican research assistant etc..). We are working in precision medicine and developed many different technics (CRISP/CAS9-drug profiling etc..). Sharing our expertise could benefit other laboratories (and vis /versa). We do have the largest pediatric biobank in oncology and hematology pediatric and are open to share the samples. We are as well members of the CITB. In clinics we are  in charge for the French Part of Switzerland of cellular therapies (CAR T, HSCT etc..) involved in CAR T cell. I am as well co chairing the Swiss cellular therapy group of the Swiss pediatric onco-hematology society (SSPHO). 


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