The Flow Cytometry Core Facility offers theoretical courses in groups, on a regular basis, free of charge, for people who would like to use the flow cytometry facility instruments.

  • The theoritical course will be followed by a private practical training using the facility instruments.
  • Theoretical courses are given either in english or in french according to attendees.

 The theoritical course covers:

  • The basics of flow cytometry (fluidics, electronics ...)
  • Multicolour flow cytometry; fluorochromes, fluorescence compensations
  • Applications of flow cytometry

If you are interested in attending one of these theoretical courses (one per quarter), please contact one of the team member.


 Practical training sessions are focused on how to properly operate an instrument and its related software. Stained cells prepared by the trainee will be used during the training; please contact us to arrange a training session on the instrument of interest.

The date of the practical training will be defined according to trainer's availability. Once the date has been defined, please check that the right instrument has been booked.

The practical courses are limited to a maximum of three attendees