Petros Tsantoulis

Dr Petros Tsantoulis

Precision oncology, Lab leader


Department of Internal Medicine Specialties, Faculty of Medicine, UNIGE
Department of Oncology, HUG

Petros Tsantoulis obtained his medical degree from the University of Athens, Greece, in 2003. He completed his doctoral thesis in 2007 at the same university under the supervision of Prof Vassilis Gorgoulis studying the genome-wide distribution of double-strand breaks in models of cancer. A few weeks after the presentation of his doctoral thesis, Petros Tsantoulis came to Geneva to work at the HUG where he obtained his specialization in Internal Medicine and gained experience in various departments, such as geriatrics and palliative care. Since 2011 he has been working in Medical Oncology and received his second post-graduate specialization as an Oncologist in 2014. Eager to transmit his passion for science and medicine to future physicians and younger colleagues, Petros Tsantoulis has been actively teaching for several years at Bachelor, Masters and post-graduate levels. His research focus is motivated by his interest in precision oncology and involves the development of biomarkers that can inform cancer prognosis and predict response to treatment, and the recognition of clinically meaningful disease subtypes.